Friends of Jenkins Ferry Battlefield


 Jenkins Ferry State Park, 2011

“…it is difficult to conceive of ground more unfavorable on which to fight a battle that in the vicinity of Jenkins’ Ferry. The battlefield was a low swamp in the Saline River bottoms, which was rendered almost impassable by the rains which had previously fallen and the bayous and lagoons which intersected it in every direction. It was over this marshy ground that my men marched and fought for nearly an hour. Their exhaustion and fatigue at the close of the action can better be imagined than portrayed.”

-Confederate Colonel Simon P. Burns of the 11th Missouri

What is the Friends of Jenkins Ferry?

Educational outreach

The Friends of Jenkins Ferry Battlefield was organized January 25, 2011. The mission of the organization is exclusively: To protect, preserve and promote the historical significance of the Jenkins Ferry Battlefield through the funding and development of programs and community outreach efforts, including, but not limited to, information signs, tours, research, publications, lectures, workshops and preservations of battlefield property, and to work with National, State and Local officials to achieve these objectives.

The Friends of Jenkins Ferry Battlefield is incorporated under the laws of the State of Arkansas as a nonprofit organization under the Internal Revenue Code 501(c) (3).

Since it’s organization with about 20 members it has grown to close to 200 members and sponsors located across the United States.

On the 150 Anniversary of the battle, April 26-27, 2014 we sponsored a re-enactment of the battle with a tour of a portion of the battlefield. There were venders from several states as well as Arkansas with approximately 1,500 in attendance. We sponsor and help sponsor historical events in Grant Co. and surrounding area’s and participate in other events.

The Arkansas States Parks Department is working with us to acquire more of the battlefield along with property easements. When permission, from the land owners, can be acquired, archaeology work is planed to properly intrepid the battle. If this can be done, then work will being on the signage, hiking trails, and other development can begin.

How to Become a Member

Membership is open to anyone who is interested in the history of the Battle of Jenkins’ Ferry and is willing to help preserve and protect the original battlefield and it’s history. Due are $5.00 dollars per year or you can acquire a lifetime membership for $50.00 per individual. Fine membership application elsewhere on this web site.


Sponsorships are available for $100.00 per year Each business or individual sponsor’s names will be displayed on a large banner and will be posted at each of our events. They will also be posted on all programs and on this web site. See application on this web site. Find sponsorship application on this web site.

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